Top Course for Talented Wine Tasters In Hong Kong

WSET Level 1 and an exceptional sake course at CorVino Asia are true sensations in Hong Kong! If you are a wine or sake enthusiast, you will love to learn more about your favorite beverages. You don’t need any previous experience, all you need is passion and a will to learn everything about wines and sake, starting from the basics.

You may be a naturally talented wine taster so you can recognize quality wines easily even without any courses. Imagine everything you could do if you attended WSET Level 1! You could learn rapidly and use your talent in many ways. In fact, you could even consider getting involved in the wine/sake industry. With the talent, knowledge, and skills that you will obtain at the wine and sake course, you will have a solid foundation to start building your career in the wine field.

WSET Level 1 will teach you how to explore wines through smell, taste and sight. Whether you have some experience or you are just learning everything from the beginning now, you will be able to differentiate wine types and do interesting food pairings after completing the course. If you wish to continue learning, you can proceed to the second and third levels at CorVino.

Sake course will teach you the principles of sake production; you will learn about the main styles and types of the beverage, factors that affect its flavor, and how to serve sake, among other lessons. Use your tasting talent and certify it at CorVino Asia!

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