Can a Grown Diamond Take Over the World?

Grown diamond is growing its popularity around the world. Finally, buying a diamond ring is not near impossible anymore! Lab diamonds are cost-efficient, which makes them perfect (yet affordable) gifts and, of course, ideal proposal rings!

In Hong Kong, LABSTAR is the leading lab-grown diamond brand. This company integrates diamond production, loose diamond wholesale, and retail. With numerous services designed for different groups of clients, this company managed to build a great reputation in Hong Kong and the word about its quality is slowly spreading across the globe.

For over 50 years, experts have been developing a technology that would allow lab-grown diamond production for industrial uses. After many failed attempts, the investors behind LABSTAR altered the “recipe” in the lab and finally made it possible to produce jewellery from lab diamonds. Now, customers can purchase beautiful diamond jewels in various colour variations, including pink and blue.

LABSTAR advocates green jewellery. This company cares about the future of the planet and growing diamonds is one of the ways to help it properly. People that recognize the quality of grown diamonds are more than excited that this idea is finally getting the attention and recognition it deserves.

The mission of LABSTAR is to distribute lab diamonds all around the world and allow jewellery lovers to become owners of beautiful jewels that they could not afford before. While the price of the grown diamond is notably lower than the price of the earth-mined diamond, the difference between these two is minimal, almost unnoticeable. Therefore, all admirers of the diamonds are extremely satisfied with the new trend that promotes lab diamonds and their benefits.

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