EDU Eduhk Humanities Attracts International Talents to Hong Kong

EDU EdUHK Humanities is a prestigious faculty that managed to present new, innovative educational programs 10 years ago and attract students from Hong Kong, as well as the whole world. This institution offers four departments that students can opt for depending on their preferences: Chinese Language Studies, English Language Education, Linguistics and Modern Language Studies and Literature and Cultural Studies.

Department of Chinese Language Studies (CHL) provides teaching support through a professional team that leads students through advanced EDU EdUHK Humanities programs. The Faculty has an established Research Center that is an interdepartmental platform used by educators and students to excel at the Chinese language. This centre gathers talents and researchers ambitious to learn and teach the Chinese language and strengthen its theoretical advancement. The programs of EDU EdUHK Humanities feature a balanced combination of theory and practice that captivate students and enhance their will to learn and progress in the area.

English language education at EDU EdUHK Humanities nurtures graduates with multicultural awareness and a global outlook to professionalize multidisciplinary research in learning and teaching the English language. Research projects monitored by educators help students learn different aspects of the language that assist them in developing outstanding skills and knowledge useful for professional and personal use afterwards.

Department of Linguistics and Modern Language Studies provides advanced websites and tools that students can use to learn global language and modern technology practices utilized in academic, as well as business fields.

Language and Cultural Studies at EDU EdUHK Humanities help students explore prosperous research postgraduate opportunities for students aiming to progress in literary, historical, and cultural studies.