Webinar Portal: Ultimate Solution for Virtual Meetings

An increased necessity for a Virtual Event Solution encouraged recruiting companies and educational institutions to look for stable platforms to use daily. Training, online classes, interviews… Everything became much more difficult since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic. For that reason, the world needed new ways to do old things. UC. Now offered an amazing solution and made virtual meetings at the Webinar Portal easy, fast, and efficient.

Now is a Virtual Event Solution that collaborates with a long list of prestigious institutions, such as the Hong Kong Baptist University, and The Open University of Hong Kong. The pre-built virtual event template includes several features that no other platform offered before. Before this Webinar Portal, people needed to use multiple websites to fulfill all the needs of a virtual meeting. One software would serve for video calling, one for file sharing, one for job applications, and one for interview scheduling. UC. Now has all of these options on one website! Therefore, there is no need for members to use any other software.

The Virtual Event Solution has comprehensive filters that allow users to shortlist majors of study, countries, and schools. If the member is looking for representatives of selected schools online, the Webinar Portal makes the connection extremely easy. Considering that users can submit meeting requests to representatives of shortlisted schools, the time zone differences are also easy to overcome. With UC. Now, all types of meetings and interviews are easy and quick.

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