Webinar Platform Makes Virtual Meetings Easy and Productive

Are you looking for a powerful Employee Training Management Platform HK that will solve all your needs related to online communication? Check out UC. Now! It is a stable Webinar Platform that built a great image during the COVID-19 quarantine. This company offered what no other provider of digital communication services could: a place where members can finish all their tasks, without having to use any other programs.

  1. Now offers a stable workplace for interviews, lessons, business meetings, and any other type of gathering. This Webinar Platform provides enrolment management, event creation, it allows users to upload content and set reminders. An organizer can create a space that is easy to access anytime. It saves time for all the participants and makes the organization extremely easy.

Knowledge seekers can use the Webinar Platform to browse through the InfoHub and find all the important materials. In case members miss some virtual meetings, they can easily reread the content that has been used previously and stay up-to-date with the latest lessons.

  1. Now also became an essential Employee Training Management Platform HK for a long list of companies in the region. This software allows employers to hire talents without meeting them in person. With all-inclusive channels that include various services, employers need for successful interviews, UC. Now saves time and money that recruiters would need without this software. Job candidates can upload documents, speak to employers, share their experiences and receive the exact times of the meetings through the Employee Training Management Platform HK. They do not need to utilize any other program because UC. Now covers all the areas needed for effective job interviews.

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