Next Level Virtual Event and Webinar Platform

Now is a Virtual Event and Webinar Platform HK that offers all the tools you may need for effective and stable online communication. You can use hybrid event tech services to maximize online engagement. If you are hosting an event, it is important to use software with features that allow you to communicate with participants clearly, share materials, book new meetings and maintain a good connection between all members.

As a user of the Virtual Event and Webinar Platform HK, you can contact the support team 24/7. Whether you face a problem or you don’t know how to use some of UC. Now’s options, the customer service will gladly help you. Do not worry or waste time trying to find a solution for too long. Simply go to the Support page, and get in touch with the UC. Now team and continue using the software without any difficulties.

While planning an event, you can utilize a set of pre-event features. They serve to set up and prepare for the event. UC. Now offers a list of templates that you can use to customize your channel. You also gain access to the automated attendee invitation, as well as the self-service enrolment workflow. These tools will save a lot of the time and effort that you would need to spend inviting members manually.

As a part of the Pre-Event planning, the Virtual Event and Webinar Platform HK also provides custom survey forms, training, and rehearsal, as well as speaker presentation material management. Carefully utilize all these functions and create a top-quality event for small or large groups of people.

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